Pay $0 on a Website for Your Restaurant!

We start by getting to know you & your business over a phone call or in person meeting. Once we get an understanding of your business process & what sort of website capabilities you need (online payments, deliveries, POS integrations, etc.) then we will go ahead and build a website you love. Once you love the website, we will work out a formal trade agreement to use your website & establishment for advertising purposes. (Restrooms ads, local ads on website, etc.)  

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In addition to providing a $0 website for your business, having other local businesses provide advertising in your establishment helps create a flourishing ecosystem in your community. You will find that the professionals who advertise at your establishment will begin coming there personally & with clients more often. 

Plus, once you begin working with our Relentlessly Creative Agency, we take it upon ourselves to make sure we are providing you with solutions instead of more problems. Our success as an agency is dictated by the value we can provide for your business.

  • What kind of ads will you be hanging up?
    • Restroom ads will be curated to audience you see in your establishment. The ads will be placed in frames that match the ambiance of your business. (Modern restaurants receive modern frames, country themed restaurants receive western themed frames, Etc.) Website footers may also be used as advertising space depending on the agreements made. We are also a Relentlessly Creative Agency and are open to trying new things if requested. 
  •  How will these ads be maintained?
    • Our team is dedicated to making sure both of our brands are always being represented in a positive manner. Damaged ads are promptly replaced. If problems are reoccurring, new advertising measures may be taken. We also frequent our partners establishments for personal & professional meals. 

Our development team will use WordPress to build your website. WordPress is the leading CMS and is used to power over 40% of the internet. Just about anything you can imagine is possible in terms of features to your website. Advertising agreements will be decided upon the complexity of the website being built for your business. (Complexity relating to the necessary features & integrations for your website; Connecting with payments & POS, online ordering, ETC)